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Halloween Finger Food Ideas 2020

Finger foods may not be a common option for individuals who are holding a classic dinner party. But when it is more fun and casual, you can always consider it to spice up your table. As for the Halloween party food for adults, finger foods have made a great name. Why? Well, the Halloween finger foods provide you a chance to achieve the creepy outlook. Moreover, it also makes affordable Halloween party appetizers that come in very handy for the hosts. So, when lining up the savory Halloween food for your party, here are a few food options that you’ll love.

halloween party food for adults

Oreo and M&M spiders

For the creepy Halloween food ideas¸ you can always opt for the Oreo and M&M spiders. It is a super easy option that goes great with the theme of the party. Just take an oreo cookie and add some dried noodles in it. Then, put up a couple of M&Ms to these biscuits for creating a creepy bug look.

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Halloween Finger Foods For Kids: The Spooky Witch Finger

Considering the Halloween themed food names, perhaps the most perfect option that certainly goes with the event is this spooky witch finger. It is another easy option, and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort into making these cheap Halloween party food. Begin by making the dough and rolling it into a long skinny shape. Then, add some creases to portray knuckle wrinkles. Then, for the fingernails, you can use the almonds. It will make a perfect witch finger and also add more taste to your food.

Monster Donuts

Often we see individuals lining up for cakes and such items to provide dessert to the guests. Well, you can bypass the cutting hassle and overthrow cutlery by replacing your dessert with donuts. Not only it makes a great eatable; you can add a touch of spookiness to make it one of the best Halloween finger foods.

Make the eyeball stacked donut by taking the chocolate donut, adding some colored ice and sprinkles, and making it look like a monster.

Devil Eyed Eggs

Want something simple and different? Well, the eggs might not be a common item you see in Halloween parties. But when we are discussing the creepy Halloween finger foods, this is certainly a great option. Take an egg and boil it. Cut the boiled eggs in half and put a sliced black olive on it. Inside the olive, put a caper to make it look exactly like a devil’s eyes. To make it appear more creepy, you can add some streaks of red food color to it.

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Final Words

So, these are some Halloween finger foods that you must try for your next party. The event is drawing near, and these are a few items that you can place in adults’ function as well as in a kids’ event. Don’t just work on decorating the items to make it look creepy. Make sure that the food tastes good too. Yo can read our other content ” Halloween Tattoos


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